Beat the Summer Heat with Refreshing Ais Jelly | Low GI Recipe

Beat the Summer Heat with Refreshing Ais Jelly | Low GI Recipe

The sun is blazing, and the air feels thick with humidity. You're craving something cool, something sweet that melts the heat away without weighing you down. Ais Jelly is the perfect summer escape in a bowl!

This delightful dessert isn't just about its refreshing taste; it's about guilt-free indulgence. We craft Ais Jelly with our premium, natural beverage powders made from spray-dried fruit goodness—no artificial flavours or sweeteners here – just pure, fruity pleasure naturally sweetened with low-GI options.

And the best part? Making Ais Jelly is a breeze! All you need are three simple ingredients:

  • 1 Pack of Nuvojoy Beverage Powder: any flavours except Matcha Soy Latte 
  • 1 Pack of Konnyaku Jelly Powder
  • 1000 ml Water

Optional extras for an extra kick of coolness: ice and lemon juice!


  1. Mix one packet of your chosen Nuvojoy Beverage Powder with the Konnyaku Jelly Powder in a pot. Stir well to ensure a smooth blend.
  2. Slowly pour 1000 ml of water, whisking continuously to avoid lumps. 
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for a few minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Remove the pot from heat and let it cool slightly. Then, pour the concoction into your chosen mould (think cute cubes, elegant rectangles, or playful shapes for the kids!) Place the mould in the fridge and let the jelly set for a few hours.
  5. Once the jelly has firmed up, slice, scoop, or dive in with a spoon. Remember the optional ice and lemon juice for extra summery goodness.


There you have it! A simple, delicious, and guilt-free dessert that's perfect for beating the heat and satisfying your sweet tooth. So, grab your ingredients, crank up the tunes, and get ready to whip up a batch of Ais Jelly. It's time to turn your kitchen into a summer oasis, one refreshing bite at a time!

Bonus Tip: Experiment with different Nuvojoy flavours to create unique Ais Jelly creations. Pineapple for a tropical twist, or even berry blends for a vibrant flavour explosion! The possibilities are endless.

So, what are you waiting for? Beat the heat and embrace the refreshing world of Ais Jelly!

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