Craving Bubble Tea? Skip the Boba with this Vibrant Matcha Soy Smoothie! | Low GI Recipe

Craving Bubble Tea? Skip the Boba with this Vibrant Matcha Soy Smoothie! | Low GI Recipe

Bubble tea cravings hit us all, but those chewy tapioca pearls often leave us wanting a healthier option. Fear not, fellow bubble tea enthusiasts! Today, we're whipping up a delightful recipe inspired by YOU that's bursting with flavour and satisfies your craving without guilt.

Table sugar vs Natural Sweeteners:

Regular table sugar lacks nutrients, while natural sweeteners may offer additional benefits. Some are low or calorie-free, providing sweetness without a high caloric impact and enhancing flavour. Unlike table sugar, natural sweeteners have a lower glycemic index, making them suitable for those managing weight or diabetes or seeking controlled blood sugar levels.

Introducing the Low-GI Matcha Soy Smoothie with a Bluepea Twist! This vibrant drink combines the creamy goodness of our low-GI Soy Pudding with the soothing richness of our low-GI Matcha Soy Latte, all infused with the stunning hues of blue pea flowers. No boba required!


  • 1 pack of Low-GI Soy Pudding
  • 1 pack of Low-GI Matcha Soy Latte beverage mix
  • 1 teaspoon Bluepea Flower colouring powder (or other preferred colours) 
  • Ice cubes

Let's get brewing!


  1. Follow the package instructions to prepare your low-GI Soy Pudding. Cut it into cubes, hearts, or any shape that sparks your joy.
  2. Blend your low-GI Matcha Soy Latte according to the package instructions. This creamy matcha goodness forms the base of our vibrant drink.
  3. Split the smoothie into two portions. Mix a teaspoon of the blue pea flower colouring powder to one-half. You'll be amazed by the vibrant transformation! Experiment with other natural food colours to create a rainbow in your glass.
  4. Pour the original matcha smoothie into your glass. Gently layer the blue half on top, creating a mesmerising swirl. Top it off with your prepped low-GI Soy Pudding cubes for a delightful textural contrast.

Ditch the sugar spikes and embrace the low-GI goodness of this vibrant and delicious bubble tea alternative. So grab your blender, whip up a Nuvojoy Low-GI Matcha Soy Latte Rainbow Dream, and sip your way to a healthier, happier you!

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