Low GI Sugar and Sweetener Blend

Our best-in-class low glycemic index natural sweetener blend is made of diabetic-friendly sweeteners like allulose, palatinose, erythritol, and inulin that will help you keep your blood sugar level in check while letting you enjoy the taste of sweetness from your teas, coffees, and baked goods.

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Nuvojoy’s Low Glycemic Index sweetener blend is made of Inulin, Allulose, Palatinose, and Erythritol. All of these sweeteners are diabetic-friendly. Inulin is a natural fiber that supports gut health by providing food for the good bacteria in the gut. On the other hand, palatinose allows your body to release energy at a slow yet consistent rate to sustain your daily activities.

Erythritol allows you to enjoy sweet things without causing tooth decay, while allulose is keto-friendly. The total glycemic index of the whole blend is less than 10, and it is half the sweetness of regular table sugar.

You can use this low-GI sugar alternative or sweetener blend with your coffee, tea, drinks, and baked goods. The regular usage of this low GI sweetening blend will not cause the blood sugar level to rise too high because of its low GI index. Again, all things are to be taken in moderation for good health.

Why Should You Buy Low GI Sugar or Sweetener Blend – Health Benefits?

Backed by 40 years worth of scientific evidence, low GI food and diet can help you live a better life in many ways.

  • A low GI diet can significantly reduce the risk of obesity, type 2, and gestational diabetes.
  • Consuming low-GI foods can also reduce the risk of breast and bowel cancer.
  • It also helps you improve your exercise endurance, leading you to focus on more exercise per session.
  • Plus, low-GI foods like Nuvojoy’s best low-glycemic natural sweetener can also help you manage your blood sugar level, which is extremely important for people who are already suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • In addition to that, it also helps with improving your satiety and weight management.

Product Specification – Best Low Glycemic Index Natural Sweetener

● Our low GI sugar alternative or sweetener blend is created with a blend of natural ingredients, which are inulin, palatinose, allulose, and erythritol. Here,

  • Inulin is a kind of probiotic fiber that provides food to the good bacteria in the gut.
  • Allulose is a keto-friendly sweetener which has a GI value of ZERO.
  • Erythritol makes sure that the consumption of sweet things doesn’t harm your teeth.

● Palatinose helps your body release energy in a slow and controlled manner that can sustain your daily activities.
● Nuvojoy’s team of nutritionists made sure that the natural sweetener does not interfere with the texture of the food it is used on.
● As the sweetening blend’s ingredients are digested and absorbed in your blood flow slowly, it won’t increase blood sugar level much and can even lower the blood sugar level in some specific circumstances.
● Each pack contains a 300-gram blend of low-GI sugar alternatives or sweeteners.

Why Should You Choose Nuvojoy?

Started by two passionate sisters who wanted to revolutionize Asian desserts with healthy and the best low glycemic index natural sweeteners and sugar substitutes, so the desserts won’t negatively affect our blood sugar levels.

Food is something that everyone can and should enjoy, whether they are sick or healthy. If the actual nature of our local cuisine is lost, we lose a vital component of our everyday delight.
Thus, Nuvojoy created Asian sweets and low GI sweetening blends that are lower in carbs, higher in protein, and free of processed sugars in order to deliver something incredibly nutritional while adhering to traditional flavors and tastes that Asians cherish


Low Glycemic Index Sweetener is a sweetening agent, which has a GI value that's less than 55. As a result, your blood sugar level doesn't increase drastically upon the consumption of the Low GI Sweetener.

Yes, you definitely can. You can use the Low GI Sweetener in your foods and drinks to sweeten them.

We are selling our low GI sweeteners in small 300-gram packs, so you don't have to worry about wasting them in case you cannot finish them all.

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No. We don't offer cash on delivery as a payment method.

Definitely. We don't capture, save, or store your credit card details, as the payment gateway blocks the storage of sensitive details related to the cards.

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All of our sweeteners except for Palantinose are keto-friendly. Meanwhile, all the sweetening agents sold by us are vegan-friendly as well as Halal certified.

The blood sugar level might increase very slightly if you consume these sweeteners constantly. However, it should go back to normal after 2 hours of consumption.


In Their Own Words


Anisah J.

My sister bought some of your premix pudding at one of your pop ups recently. She gave a pack to us and I tried it and it tastes really amazing! Probably my favourite pudding dessert!



Alan Foong

Laboratory Technician

I am diabetic and when my daughter explained to me about this low GI concept, I was very keen to try it albeit slightly sceptical on the flavour as healthy foods tend to lack in their taste... I found the Soy Pudding to be very smooth and tasty to eat as the soy flavour is well balanced. Most of all, the sweetness is just right too! Now I can enjoy a refreshing dessert whenever!



Azlina Salman


One of the hardest things of being a diabetic is that you have to really watch what you eat. Glad to have found a tasty dessert that I can enjoy and be worriless about it! Look forward to more products!



Wan Ting

Product Research Assistant

Recently I went to take a look at Eldex Asia and chanced upon your company's products. I had bought home the low GI soy pudding after tasting the samples. It was so yummy and I would definitely love to purchase it again!